November 7, 1886

9th Avenue Fire

The first major test of the newly formed Calgary Hook, Ladder and Bucket Corps was not greatly successful. Fourteen buildings were destroyed along 9th Avenue S.E. and 2,000 rounds of ammunition were set off in the blaze which originated in a flour-and-feed store.

October 12, 1912

Chinatown Fire

Several buildings burned down along 10th Avenue as crowds gathered to watch firefighters battle the blaze.

January 12, 1913

Burns Packing Plant Fire

The Burns Packing Plant Fire raged for seven days and caused $1 million in damage. In thanks to the firefighter’s efforts, Big Four businessman Pat Burns willed one-third of his estate to a trust aiding the families of fallen firefighters.

 January 25, 1915

Sherman Roller Rink Fire

Sherman Roller Rink, located at 17th Avenue and Centre Street SW, caught fire and burned substantially before the Fire Department could arrive; fire crews could merely contain, not douse the enormous blaze.

January 18, 1920

The Empire Hotel

The Empire Hotel burned at 118-9th Avenue S.E. with a financial loss of $137, 400. This would be equivalent to over $1.5 million in 2013.


 Banff Springs Hotel Fire

When a call came in from the C.P.R, firefighters raced out to the Banff Springs Hotel, towing their pumper on a freight car at an unprecedented speed and arriving only an hour and forty minutes after leaving Calgary.

October 25, 1950

The Co-op Dairy Barn Fire

The Co-op Dairy Barn caught fire and burned intensely hot, melting the asphalt shingles attached to the sides of the building.

December 16, 1964

The Condon Block Fire

The Condon Block Fire destroyed a downtown city block during a cold snap. The low temperatures made firefighting extremely difficult. Twenty-eight firefighters were taken to hospital with frostbite from the cold conditions.

May 31, 1965

Chicken-on-the-way Fire

The restaurant on the corner of Kensington Road and 14th Street N.W., where it remains today, caught fire in 1965 resulting in $35,000 of damage. 

January 21, 1966

The Michael Building Fire

Fire swept through the Michael Building, destroying the renowned Hy's Steak House. The spreading flames forced occupants to jump out of the restaurant's windows before the fire crews could arrive. Two firefighters were injured in the blaze.

April 23, 1972

McArthur Furniture Fire

The McArthur Furniture Fire caused $500,000 of damage.


Calgary Fire Department on the Set of Superman II

The Calgary Fire Department was involved with shooting scenes for the Blockbuster hit "Superman II" while filming took place in Alberta.

 March 22, 1984

Fire on the Tarmac

Pacific Western Airlines' Boeing 737 Flight 501 caught fire during takeoff, injuring 27 people and causing $16 million in damage.

August 9, 1999

Hub Oil Fire

Two employees were killed in an explosion and ensuing fire at Hub Oil. The fire raged out of control for almost ten hours.

July 14, 2000

Pine Lake Tornado

An F3 tornado tears through the central Alberta campsite of Pine Lake, leveling homes, killing twelve people, and injuring many more. Calgary Fire Department staff responded immediately, mobilizing resources including the aquatic rescue and heavy rescue teams. 

May 31, 2002:

Erlton Condo Complex Fire

The dangerous inferno caused $66 million in damage at the upscale condominium complex near the Stampede grounds, leaving over 250 people homeless and leading to a $30 million lawsuit involving the City, financers, contractors, and insurance companies.

May 15, 2011

Slave Lake Fire

The Calgary Fire Department responded to the massive forest fire that ravaged the town of Slave Lake located in Northern Alberta, sending men and resources to help fight the devastating blaze.